Welcome, to Mhm, Quite!

Two cousins, one youtube account

Sam and Evan are two cousins who recently decided it would be fun to make video logs, which act like a conversation. Every new video brings something new to the playground; whether it be a new challenge, something to brag about, completely randomness, or just some question to ask

you'd be surprised where the videos take you, they talk about everything! Including:

Vlogging, cars, lurk-lurking, games, cell phones, snapple caps, grammer, sitting on the edge of your seat, fuzzy hats, weddings, wheat thins, microwaves, clay and hay structures, cowboy hats, life, stories, "hand" guns (ahaha, i crack myself up!), a blue planet (literally), ties, piano recidals, cats, more cats, and a baloon!

Take a look!

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